Our clients tell us that we are unlike other business attorneys – to that we say “thank you.” We believe in thinking differently – we don’t ignore the business side of business law, in fact, we embrace it. Our goal is not to merely be your legal resource…to assess risk or write the contract, any law firm can do that. Instead, our goal is to help you think through the complex issues, to ask why and to see if there is a better way. Once we’ve done that, then we can provide sound legal advice and overall business solutions to help you make the right choices for your business.

How do we do it?

We have a team of lawyers and staff that have actual experience in business – from owning their own businesses to having spent years in-house with companies learning how companies think, how they use legal teams and how they make decisions.

  • Efficient

    Our typical fee structure works with you, not against you. We don’t have multiple levels of partners, lawyers, staff and unnecessary fees. We won’t ask you to write a blank check. Most of our transactions are billed as fixed/flat fee projects. We can do this because we have the experience to know how to ask you the right up-front questions to make sure your project stays on track.

  • Lawyering

    We believe that “lawyering” involves the strategic application of legal and business knowledge to provide efficient individualized solutions that advance those who hire us. To do that, we ask the right strategic business questions and explore options. Our favorite question is “is there a better way to handle this opportunity?” Once we understand your specific situation and needs, we can take a proactive role in your success.

  • Smart Business

    We are not the perfect fit for every business. If your business wants a “hired gun” that will just do what you ask and not ask why, then we are not for you. We believe that a smart business needs to explore the reasons for a decision and needs input from all areas to make sound decisions. We like growing business through strategic thinking, exploring how instead of how much. This then helps us realize our passion–helping you find a better way.