For some reason, every now and then, a new client, and even some old clients, decide that lawyers like me are people and must do things in the world other than lawyering – silly huh?  Ah, but it is true!

One of our highest compliments that we get is a client that tells us “you are not like any other lawyer I know.”  I can’t ask for a much better compliment.  Like it says in other spots on this website, we are not for everyone looking for a business lawyer.  Why is that so?  Well, we like to get away from the lawyering of things and get out into the world.  I’m not just talking about the ubiquitous weekend golf game (as a matter of fact, I gave up golf along time ago because, frankly, I’m not good at it).

So, to answer the question “what do you do for fun?” – here it is:  My 3 favorite things are fishing, RVing and hiking (probably even in that order).

I fish in lots of places.  I am a fly fisher (was a spin fisher long ago until I found the “magic” of the fly rod on a river).  Like most people, my dad first took me fishing when I was very young.  I have fished all over the world.  My favorite places to fish are in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.  Trout are my favorite thing to spend my day with.

My wife and I have been RVing since we were married.  We’ve had Class B, Class C, and Class A RVs and currently pull a 36’ 5th wheel.  It is “RVing” and no longer “camping.”  When you’ve got the whole house with you, you can’t call it camping any more.  The RV takes us to a lot of really beautiful places.  Back when I was in-house in my legal career, I spent a lot of time in airplanes flying over what I now know to be some pretty spectacular parts of this continent.  Our RVs have traveled from Florida to Alaska and all sorts of places in between.  We are probably “on the road” at least eight weeks a year, and some years even longer.  Yellowstone and the Tetons are one of our most-frequented spots.  We also spend a great deal of time in The Black Hills of South Dakota, as that is our home base.  The run up through absolutely gorgeous British Columbia and the Yukon to the Alaska Highway and in to Alaska is still one of the best adventures anyone can take.  That trip usually puts on just over 10,000 miles.

While fishing is probably my favorite way to clear my mind, hiking usually provides me the ability to recharge it.  I like rocks and trees.  The Black Hills are my favorite place to hike, in particular, the Black Elk Wilderness in Custer State Park.  Yellowstone tops the list as well.  Being in the backcountry in Yellowstone is truly magical.

So – yes we lawyers are people and yes we do things besides lawyering. I hope you enjoy the pictures.